Oakley snowboarding for me movie

Celebrating snowboarding and its worldclass team of riders, oakley presents. On that note, oakleys got something for ya their latest film snowboarding. Slightly later to the party was oakley with snowboarding for me, which we. Stale sandbechs complete segment from the oakley movie snowboarding.

For me brings the oakley snowboarding story to life through the perspectives and experiences of the athletes. In the words of danny kass, style isnt just in how you. See, hear and understand the story of snowboarding in. For me premiers at sunshine cinemas tue november 4th. Filmed using stateoftheart techniques and technologies. New oakley movie featuring featuring their allstar lineup including snowboarding pioneers terje hakonsen, eero ettala and jp walker, olympians shaun. Disruptive by design, oakley creates innovative mens and womens sunglasses, athletic apparel, goggles, watches and accessories. For me may best be summed up by what the legendary tommen describes in the movie as bringing it back to what it was all about to a time when todays big name riders were. See, hear and understand the story of snowboarding in a way its never been told before. For me brings to life the unique relationship between members of oakleys worldclass snowboarding.

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