Condenser tube eddy current testing for cracks

High frequencies of the order of 2mhz give high resolution, but the probes are small and covering large surface areas takes a long time. What are the applications and capabilities of eddy. Eddy current tests are highly sensitive in the detection of surface cracks. The technique is applied to detect corrosion, pitting, cracks, erosion and other changes to both the tube s interior and exterior surfaces. Eddy current eddy current testing service eddy current inspection. For tube inspection, bobbin type probes are used containing coils as shown. Eddy current testing of tubes is an effective way of assessing the condition and lifespan of tubes, particularly in the power generation, petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer and air conditioning industries. Circumferential cracking is very difficult to detect and characterize with standard eddy current. Testex offers ultrahighspeed condenser tube inspection that can scan eight tubes per minute with one inspection systemassuming 30foot long tubes. Tube fouling and corrosion can cause major loss of heat transfer and, if left unattended, even tube failure. What are the applications and capabilities of eddy currents. Eddy current testing is widely used in the aerospace automobile, power generation and in other manufacturing and service environments that require inspection of thin metal for potential safetyrelated or qualityrelated problems. Eddy current testing is a wellestablished method of nondestructive testing.

Along with heat exchanger and condenser tube cleaning and leak detection. Eddy current testing is a wellestablished method of nondestructive testing that is used to examine nonferrousnonmagnetic materials such as condenser and heat exchanger tubes in power generation. In addition to crack detection in metal sheets and tubing, eddy current can be used for certain metal thickness measurements such as identifying corrosion under. Eddy current testing is a nondestructive testing method widely used to examine tubing in heat exchangers, steam generators, condensers, air coolers and.

Eddy current inspection can detect such defects as. In the past eddy current flaw detectors were meter reading instruments, however, modern flaw detectors utilise lcd screen displays for their added versatility. It offers rapid assessment of circumferential cracks in the most challenging location with full 3d imaging for easier interpretation. Despite the high speeds, numerous tests have confirmed the accuracy of our systems and methods. Best practices for eddy current testing of heat exchanger tubes. Essentially an eddycurrent device, the equipment permits the insertion of the probe into a tube under test by compressed air and its withdrawal by means of a specially designed winch. It is also effective forcrack detection especially in the aerospace industry and conductivity measurements for material identification and material sorting. Incorporating relevant improvements into your inspection process may be one of the most important tips of all to consider regarding the eddy current testing of tubes. Eddy current tube inspections find defects before they become. Detecting cracks using eddy current testing merrick group. Uses of eddy current testing are described, including crack detection.

Eddy current testing reveals discontinuities in tubing, provides plant. Low frequency crack detectors need larger probes to allow for suitable coil inductances. The technique is used to detect corrosion and axial cracking mostly on the inner diameter id and outer diameter od of heat exchanger tubing surfaces. Any changes in the thickness of the metal tube or defects like cracking will interrupt or alter.

Eddy current testing is a nondestructive testing method widely used to examine tubing in heat exchangers, steam generators, condensers, air coolers and feedwater heaters. Mistras offers eddy current testing ec inspection services for heat exchanger tubes, surface cracking in aerospace materials, cui inspection, and more. Eddy current testing is most commonly used fortubing inspection in the power generation and oil and gas industries. Remote field eddy current using low frequencies is good for testing thin wall carbon steel. A major problem is caused by the baffle plates which separate the condenser tubes. Eddycurrent testing is great for checking pipes surface area, checking for. Automated eddy current test systems have been developed for inspecting tube, bar and wire at speeds up to 3 ms. In preparation for eddy current testing, a common practice is for plants to contract. Eddy current testing et is very sensitive to a great number of variables making it a powerful examination tool. Regardless of an analysts level of experience though, advancements in eddy current technology are continuously enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of tube inspections.

The eddy current testing method is based on inducing electrical currents eddy currents in electrically conductive materials. Eddy current testing ect is one of the best methods of measuring wall thickness and circumferential cracks when testing heat exchanger tubes. Results of unit 2 and unit 1 condenser eddy current tube inspection. Nonferrous metals such as stainless steel, or inconel typically require eddy current testing ect. Tubes up to 70 feet in length, feedwater heater tubes and heat exchanger tubes can also be inspected with our ultrahighspeed methods. The merrick groups eddy current testing technicians can help you. Eddy current tube inspections efficiently find defects. If your heat exchanger has been in use for more than three years, it should be tested for potential tube damage, and all heat exchangers should have eddy current tube analysis performed at least every three years. Defect levels and the stages at which the equipment is used for testing tubes from manufacture to service are discussed. It is also used to examine nonferrous tubing in condenser and heat exchangers. Along with condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaning and leak.

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